Anonymous asked:
Please don't call me pet

I bet your a pure munter, come off anon and show your brutal face

Anonymous asked:
You're whoring yourself out as if any girl would be lucky to fuck you. I'm from Newcastle and I wouldn't fucking touch you you fucking narcissist

Ye can afford te when yer 9 inches though eh pet?


I love Newcastle

Banging birds for fun in Newcastle. Message me

Anonymous asked:
Im from newcastle :D

and? Do you like DVD and A Class?

Need a buck in Newcastle. Text me

Anonymous asked:
where abouts in newcastle are you from?x

Live in Blyth but have a car can gan anywhere. Get yasel off anon x


Any fit birds in the Newcastle area up for a session involving class A’S, Alcohol and me smashing the fuck out of you.

Need after session/party for the 7th June in London after Stone Roses. We welcome strong liqor and serious amounts of Class A and fit/willing birds.